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    WHY THE CHURCH SHOULD CARE ABOUT THE SHACK MOVIE (And it’s probably not for the reasons you’re thinking)

    For those of you who may be wondering what the shack is and why would anyone want to film it, allow me to bring you up to speed.In 2007, William Paul Young and Windblown Media published a fictional book called The Shack. It’s a story about a man named Mackenzie Allen Phillips and the horrific murder of his young daughter Missy. Four years after Missy’s death, Mackenzie receives a mysterious note, apparently from God, inviting him to the abandoned shack where Missy was brutally killed...  Read More...

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    Everybody has a shack: a place of pain, regret, and what-ifs, a canyon of terrible sadness and hidden rage at unsustainable loss, the kind of loss that makes you wish you’d lost everything. Everybody has a shack, a place you can’t unsee, but one you will spend the rest of your life running away from. You just can’t go back, maybe because you never found a way to leave it behind in the first place.   Read More...

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    A movie that asks hard questions and then answers them with the thing that matters most

    I felt tears threatening to well up, followed by them actually welling up, which was admittedly a bit awkward since I was with coworkers.Normally I’m not a crier, but I couldn’t help it. When I watched The Shack movie, I immediately connected with the characters. More specifically, I related to the very real, very challenging questions about faith, about God, and about life’s hard things that the characters in the movie wrestle with.I related because I’ve had those questi...  Read More...

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    Welcome to The Shack

    Ten years ago WM. Paul Young  introduced us to  The Shack, a story that unpacks the goodness and graciousness of God in the midst of suffering. Hearts were turned and souls were enriched as we watched Mack’s journey to soul reconciliation following the murder of his young daughter.   Read More...

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