“I would encourage all pastors to make sure that their congregation is able to see this movie.”

—Bishop Charles Blake, COGIC

“It’s a wonderful movie that holds true or even improves on the book.”

—Steve Strang, CEO Charisma Media

“It was incredible.”

—Michael W. Smith, Grammy-Award Winning, Platinum-selling music artist

“Profound and creative.”

—Dick Rolfe, Co-Founder & CEO of The Dove Foundation

“An amazing production.”

—Geoff Tunnicliffe, Former Head of World Evangelical Alliance

“A cinematic poem!”

—Sr. Rose Pacatte, Pauline Center for Media Studies

“Deeply moving and inspiring.”

—Joel Houston, Hillsong United

“An amazing piece of work.”

—Jonathan Landrum Jr., The Associated Press

“There has never been a film that has captured these questions better.”

—Pastor Sam Rodriguez, President National Hispanic Christian Leadership Coalition

“I want to KNOW God like that! Powerful.”

—Chip Gaines, Host of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper

“The Shack is a gift.”

—Dr. Jamal Bryant, Empowerment Temple, Baltimore

“Hollywood finally got it right!”

—Bishop IV Hilliard, Houston TX

“Well done!”

—Barry Berglund / Parables

“Wow! Powerful. Better than the book.”

—Crawford Telfer / ICVM, Bible Speaker

“Beyond powerful.”

—KD BOWE, On Air Personality

“It touches you emotionally, blesses you spiritually.”

—Bishop Kenneth Ulmer, Senior Pastor, Faithful Central Bible

“Strong biblical and theological concepts.”

—Bishop Neil Ellis, Presiding Bishop of The Global United Fellowship

“An awesome liberating portrayal of God.”

—Bishop Phillip H Porter, Overseer COGIC

“The unadulterated GOSPEL articulated via film.”

—Bishop William Murphy, Dream Center Church, Atlanta

“Powerful message - deep and profound.”

—Sophia Lee, World Magazine

“Will move your heart and challenge your soul!”

—Lisa Hendey, CatholicMom.com

“Powerful. Beautiful.”

—Joyce Coronel, The Catholic Sun

“I fought back tears at least four times. LOVE this film!”

—Kevin Porter, The Christian Post

“Deep and heavily metaphorical. A healing mechanism.”

—LaToya Cross, Sr Editor Entertainment & Culture, Ebony Magazine

“Exceeds all expectations.”

—Meredith Wallace, K-LOVE

“You knocked it out of the park!”

—Jeff Carter, Salem Media

“WOW. Forget everything you think about Christian movies. This is art. This is the one.”

—Faron Dice, Chief Content Officer, Way-FM Network

“Absolutely beautiful!”

—The Crouch Family, TBN

“A powerful film that tells a timely and profound story.”

—Hannah Goodwyn, CBN

“Far beyond a Movie… Inspiring, Heartfelt, Meaningful.”

—Rita Cosby, Emmy-Winning TV/Radio Host

“This film will surprise people. Its power comes from the simplicity and genuineness of the story.”

—Jeff Nesbit, US News and World Report

“Has the power to heal pain and renew faith unlike anything I have ever experienced.”

—Tom Tradup, Salem Radio Network

“The film will do a lot to point a world desperately looking for answers to a God who loves and cares.”

—Bob Waliszewski, Plugged In (Focus on the Family)

“Beautiful, moving, inspiring. A gift to all who see it.”

—Chuck Begonchea - CEO, Family Christian Stores