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How to Purchase Group Tickets

Below are three options for groups to purchase tickets:

Theater Buy Out

To Buy Out a Theater, contact the Group Sales Department at These Theaters:

Company Contact Name Contact Number E-Mail

Regal Cinemas

Kylene Alexander

Regal Cinemas
Barry Brown
AMC Theaters Brian Douglass
AMC Theaters Kathleen Loftus
AMC Theaters Crystal Rhoads
Cinemark Allison Jernigan
Cineplex Entertainment
Girbani Marwah

Brad Moore

Carmike Ben MacMinn
Malco Karen Scott
901-761-3480 or
Wehrenberg Carol Losing
314-822-4520 ext 164
Goodrich Jill Ashton
Goodrich Wanda hoist
National Amusements Debbie Heller
Southern Theaters  
504-297-1133 ext. 228
Bowtie Cinemas Joann Horwath
Cineplex Entertainment Craig DiRocco

Exclusive Premiere Nights

For Churches and Groups Only
February 26 & 27 (Weds & Thurs)

Your group can book a Private Premiere of Son of God at your local theater on Wednesday, Feb 26 or Thursday Feb 27, BEFORE IT OPENS to the general public on Feb 28. This is only available to churches and groups who “Buy Out” all the seat at a show time (apprx 200 seats). CONTACT the Group Sales Hotline at 800-970-1858 for more info.

Click here to book a Private Premiere at your local theater.

Private Screenings for Groups

For Churches and Groups Only
February 28 (Friday) onward

You can book a Private Screening for your church or group at your local movie theater. This involves a “Buy Out” of a show time (for example, the 7:30 pm show). When you do a Buy Out, your group will “own” your theater for that show time, so you can share a message before and after the movie, and distribute handouts. CONTACT the Group Sales Hotline at 800-970-1858 for more info.

Click here to book a Private Screening at your local theater.

How to Purchase Vouchers


Good for any Show at any Theater*

Discounted Ticket Vouchers can be given away, or sold as a fundraiser, to your members, and they can use them to get a ticket to Son of God at a theater and show time of their choice (provided that show is not already sold out). Vouchers are taken to a local theater showing the movie, and converted to regular tickets. *For list of theaters that accept Son of God vouchers near you, visit, and enter promo code 39917 and your zip code.

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How to Purchase Individual Tickets

Individual Tickets

Interested in individual tickets for yourself, your family or small group? Simply find out where the movie is playing near you, and go to Fandango or to purchase your tickets.

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How to find where Son of God is playing

Theater Listings

Son of God is playing nationwide in over 1,500 theaters, starting February 28, 2014 (groups can see the movie on Feb 26 and 27 if they do a “Buy Out” – See the “How to Purchase Group Tickets” section (above).

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How to Promote a Group Movie Event

Download flyers, posters, trailers, movie clips and other materials here:

Download Action Plans here:

Download a Movie Mobilizer Guide here:

How to do a Theater Take Over in your city

Theater Take Over

“Theater Take Over” for Son of God are sweeping the country! Churches are partnering with local business leaders and others to do a complete TAKE OVER of a local movie theater for one night so that thousands of people can see the movie together and create a tidal wave of momentum in their city.