Please contact your local media (by email and/or Fax, which can still be very effective) and let them know about what you’re doing with Son of God in your area. This is a great way for you to build buzz and awareness in your local market for both the movie and your organization.

  • Send a link to the latest Son of God news ( and press release ( to your local media and organizations to promote through their media channels.

  • Write an editorial for your local newspaper on the theme “Who Do You Say I Am?” or some other aspect of the story of Jesus, and reference the release of Son of God ( in movie theaters nationwide Feb 28.

Hear is content for an email or fax:

Dear Media Professional,

I want to invite you do a story on the highly anticipated movie Son of God, which is opening in theaters nationwide on Feb 28 (see recent piece on Good Morning America:

My organization is doing some very exciting things locally in relation to this movie, which I will explain below.

Son of God is the first major feature film portraying the whole life of Jesus Christ in nearly 50 years, since The Greatest Story Ever Told came out in the 60s. It is being released by a major Hollywood studio – 20th Century Fox – and is one of the most anticipated movies of the year. In many cities nationwide, churches are buying out ENTIRE MUTLIPLEXES – see this story:

Our own church/organization will be buying out a screen at XXXX on (date/time).

For your reference, I have included information below, and here’s a Nightline piece:

Click on the following links to download the documents: [Word] [PDF]