The Young Messiah:A Unique Experience of the Life of the Holy Family & the Young Jesus

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The Young Messiah:A Unique Experience of the Life of the Holy Family & the Young Jesus

by Cardinal Seán P. O’Malley, OFM, Cap.

I had the opportunity to preview Cyrus andBetsy Nowrasteh’s new filmThe YoungMessiah, which is scheduled for release this coming March, just before Easter. Through the Nowrasteh’s filmmaking skills and the superior performances of the cast, notably Adam Greaves-Neal as Jesus and Sara Lazzaro as his mother, Mary, the film provides viewers a unique experience of the life of the Holy Family and the young Jesus.

The film is set in the context of Mary, Joseph and Jesus returning to Nazareth and establishing family life there, after having fled to Egypt to escape Herod’s persecution. It allows us to see Mary and Joseph in their lives as parents and disciples and to figuratively walk with Jesus as he comes to understand that he is the son of God, set apart from all others to fulfill the promise of salvation for mankind. People often comment that we do not know too much about Jesus’ youth and what life would have been like for him during those years.The YoungMessiahtakes us to that time and place, and with great faith and cinematic skill brings forth Jesus’ humanity and divinity as he grows in years and wisdom.

I am happy to highly recommendThe YoungMessiahit is captivating, inspiring and deeply moving. People of all faiths and all ages who would enjoy a very well-made film that offers new insights to Christian history will benefit from attending a showing ofThe YoungMessiah. It is my hope that it will be on your “must see” list this coming spring.

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