Why should I sponsor a Private Premiere?

By sponsoring a Private Premiere of The Young Messiah in your area, you will be sharing the powerful messages of faith, hope, love, and kindness in the movie, while at the same time building your brand and your organization’s goodwill in the community.

Will The Young Messiah be showing near me?

The Young Messiah is opening in theaters nationwide, so it will likely be at a theater near you.

How many tickets do I get for my Ambassador sponsorship?

Generally, 250 tickets at the Bronze level, 1,000 tickets at the Silver level, 2,500 tickets at the Gold level, and 10,000 tickets at the Platinum level.

Will I be sponsoring a whole movie theater or just one showing of the film?

Each $2,500 buyout is ONE SHOWING of the film, in ONE AUDITORIUM (about 250 seats) within a theater. For example, if your multiplex theater has 10 auditoriums, you are buying out one showing in one auditorium in that theater (e.g., the 7 p.m. showing on Thursday night). The $25,000 Gold Ambassador Level is a Theater Takeover which is designed to fill ALL the seats in an entire theater (all screens). The $100,000 Platinum Ambassador Level is designed to do Theater Takeovers at multiple theaters within your market area. Your dollars will buy as many tickets as can be bought for that amount of money from the theaters that you choose. In some cases, we will be able to negotiate a discount for the particular theater(s) chosen.

Which day will my Private Premiere be?

You will get a special pre-opening, private showing on Thursday, March 10, before the movie opens for the general public on Friday, March 11. We can also arrange your Private Premiere on Saturday or Sunday.

How and when do I get the tickets for my Private Premiere?

You will receive your tickets via email, mail, or at your local theater’s box office (will call), based on your theater’s capabilities. Or you can donate all your tickets to a nonprofit of your choice.

Once I’ve signed up, how will I fill the seats?

Our Ambassador Concierge will work with you to identify the recipients of your tickets, including staff, family, friends, co-workers, and your local churches, schools, and other nonprofits. We will help you invite your guests, and we’ll also help fill your seats with other worthy guests, like underprivileged children, military families, nonprofit workers and volunteers, and others. You will also be able to download a Movie Premiere Kit at, which outlines various ideas for filling your seats. In addition, you will be able to order and/or download a variety of promotional materials, including posters, flyers, bulletin inserts, emails, and evites, which you can use to invite your guests.

Can my Ambassador sponsorship be tax deductible?

You can work through your local church, school or nonprofit, whereby you donate the money to them and they buy the tickets, or we can also arrange for your sponsorship to go through a special nonprofit organization that we control. The Ambassador Concierge can provide more information regarding these options.


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